Belfast outline
The State of Belfast is an evolving interactive mapping tool produced by the Take Back the City coalition.

Its purpose is to provide communities, activists, professionals, public servants and politicians with a visualisation that will help us to respond equitably and resiliently to the challenges facing the city, challenges such as homelessness and climate change.

Using a range of data from different sources, the State of Belfast lays bare a city divided by sectarianism and inequality, and one that is ill-prepared for the challenges of climate breakdown.

But the State of Belfast also demonstrates our city's potential; how our assets, resources and communities can be mobsilied to respond effectively to the critical socio-economic and environmental tests of our time.

Take Back the City is dedicated to building a new Belfast, starting with a prototype at the 25-acre, publicly-owned Mackie's site in West Belfast.

Situated in an area ravaged by extended conflict, experiencing the highest level of homelessness in the state as well as some of the most severe forms of inequality, our vision for Mackie’s is to create one of Europe’s most sustainable and inclusive community housing projects, one which will demonstrate how we can build our future together.

This tool is a first step in that process. Watch this space for a broader outline of our coalition, our vision and our plans in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 8th December 2021